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Now with VISUAL AID.

Name: Cross Marian

Birthday: July 31st
Age: Late 20s, early 30s. Around there. Or IMMORTAL.
Height: 6'4" ish
Weight: ~180 lbs
Eyes: red
Hair: red
Medical Info: Somehow, Cross is human.

Physical Traits: Here are the many important design elements of Cross.

Long hobo-style red hair with goatee, half a pair of glasses, and a mask that covers the other half of his face (with has a cross where the eye should be). He wears a long black coat, heavy boots, belted pants (and I mean belted), a cross necklace, fancy sleeves, and the Exorcist's cross on the side of his coat. Tall and powerful, always looks like he's making himself comfortable. He has this presence.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him/Her: Oh, anything. The real question is, WILL YOU FIND HIM TO TELL HIM?

Abilities: Here is what we have seen Cross do SO FAR. He pretty much comes up with something new to do EVERY TIME HE ATTACKS, so I assume he does other random shit too. There are spoilers in this!

Grave of Maria - ("Grave of Maria Limit - Release!") Unlike every other Exorcist, Cross has two Innocence. Or rather, he has one, and then he has Maria. Maria is a corpse that Cross has used magic to make his own, with a parasite-type Innocence that affects the minds of others by singing hymns. We have seen her do ("On... Gataru!"):

Magdala Curtain - affects someone's mind and obscures his vision with illusions. It makes you ~invisible.~
Carte Garde - Takes over someone's mind and controls their movements.

He doesn't always carry her coffin on his back - he can summon it at will.

Judgment - ("Judgment: Loaded") Cross' Innocence, an equipment-type huge-ass gun, is called Judgment. The bullets, once fired, track their target if deflected, until they finally hit. He can amp up the power by various levels ("Judgment: Purging Level"), and can pull it back like a bow ("Judgment Loaded: Arrow of Original Sin"). If Cross is MAD at you, they bloat you from the inside. Note that whenever Cross does something, this emblem appears.

Sorcery - Cross can do random pretty sorcery things like animate corpses, disguise himself as a skullheaded akuma, interfere with other magic, open random portals, I don't even know. It's very shiny.

Scientist - he can animate golems, and created Timcampi, the cute snitch-esque thing that follows him and Allen around. Tim can track both him and Allen, record video and sound, and eat as much as they can. . . probably.

Stud - this super hot badass babe, the owner of a brothel, was one of his lovers and completely in love with him. So was her mom.

Notes for the Psychics/Sensors: Alcohol, women, something mysterious about a ~fourteenth~ that's guarded, and Allen - and the embarrassing fact of loving him a lot. :\

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slap/spit on?: shapeshift/bodyswap is fine! Other stuff you can try. You have a higher likelihood of getting away with it if you're a chick, though really the only person who can shake Cross around is Allen. And chicks, but they have better things to do with Cross.

Maim/Murder/Death: GOOD LUCK. Even if you DID kill him, nobody would believe you.

Kissing/Hugging: Hell yeah, as long as you're not ugly. (He'll make exceptions for ugly girls.)

Cooking: He'd rather eat out and skip the tab.


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Cross Marian

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