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Soooo I don't lose them!

When I app a character I usually make a ton of notes. Sometimes these notes are USELESS, like my Cloud notes which consist of "KYAA" And ";_; ;_;" and "gaaaay"

CROSS' NOTES ARE USEFUL because they have chapter pages and everything. For. Every time he is mentioned. And then nearly everything he says or does.

Obviously this is nothing but spoilers.

1 - "I-it's the truth! It's something my master left me in charge of, so I cannot lose it!" "Master? Well then where is this person?" "Well... he disappeared in india..."
2 - (3 months ago, somewhere in india) "Allen." "Yes, master?" "It's already been three years since you became my assistant. It's about time that you become fully qualified... from this day forth, I permit you to formally call yourself an exorcist." "REALLY?! 8D" "But to make it official, we must get you to the headquarters. You do... know where the headquarters is located, yes? (BRINGS OUT THE HAMMER)" "...yes?...." "I will give you my golem. It will show you the way. I've already sent an introductory letter to the chief of staff Komui, so... Depart once you have awakened." "You can't be thinking of backing out, master?!" "I hate that place." [WHAAACK]
3 - "A soul who is involved with an akuma has no freedom. It is restrained eternally, becoming the Earl's toy. There is no other way to save except to destroy. So you are by origin a human with an anti-akuma weapon... that's an unfortunate fate. it looks as though you are also an apostle still possessed by God. Won't you become an exorcist?"
28 -
"Stupid pupil. I wear it to make sure everyone will know it. I'm different from you, idiot. What's the point of hiding from an enemy I can't see? This thing is a 'mark.' When you wear this, you must suspect everyone around you. That's what this coat is for."
29 - also an appearance. mission is given to find cross
(KANDA COMPLAINING ABOUT HIS MASTER) "Well, at least he's better than Cross."
"ugghnfnnn No sign of my master around..." "He's having another nightmare about Cross."
30 -
"As you are well aware, general cross has stopped correspondence for nearly 4 years. There have been various rumors, such as, (1) he's dead, (2) he dropped his mission and is fooling around..."
"Cross, also a scientist, made this golem"
"General Cross doesn't let the organization deal with his expenses, so there aren't any receipts left by him." "Heh? Then what are his living expenses like? White hair?" "He's greatly in debt. My master lived with lovers and friends in various places. When we really had no money, I gambled to earn some. I didn't know how to cut off a receipt until i entered the organization"
"Calling himself a priest, the traveler asked where the road was to crowley's castle. i told him that he might die and desperately tried to stop him, but the traveler just laughed and went to the castle. After three days I thought for sure that he had been killed by crowley, but amazingly the traveler came back." "Lunch vendor. if the master of that old castle causes you any sort of trouble, let others, who wear the same cross as I, know about it. Those guys will settle things. If you wait, surely someday they will come riding this train." (chapter 31 has MUGSHOT SKETCH)
35 - "When my master hit me with his hammer it felt like this too. The stars would spin around and shine..."
-chap 59, cool icons. ...and end of 62
- 78, page 14
- 99, coverpage, "MY MASTER IS A TRUE DEMON!!!"

- Chapter 127 on, ACTUAL APPEARANCE -
"A sorcerer preaching to me about the art?"

(holding allen by the ankle) "What is this filthy little brat? I thought he looked all right for a moment there, but... No, he's just filthy. He hasn't changed a bit since the day I found him, my idiot apprentice."

Anti-Akuma weapon "Grave of Maria" (IS A COFFIN WITH CHAINS AROUND IT)

- "I... it's been... a... while..." "What's with that stupid happy-looking face of yours...? You want me to drop you?" (DROPS HIM)

- "looks like you finally got your innocence a decent form. But still, you're all beaten up... here." (offers hand) (Allen is like W....WHAT... NOT SAFE...) (CHUCKS HIM ACROSS THE ROOM FOR BEING A FILTHY IDIOT APPRENTICE)

- "Hey, you're filthy too, get the hell away from me. I'll let beautiful people near me, but filthy people (except women) can stay the hell back." (rabi: that's a terrible thing to say...)THAT'S A WEIRD WAY TO PUT IT, CROSS

- The clan of the Noah... I was wondering what you were doing still messing around on the ark when it was about to collapse, but... looks like you've lost your mind, haven't you. Consumed by the noah, huh. . . you're staining the clan's name, you know?"

- "ON" "ABATA" "URA" "MASARAKATO" "ON GATARU!!" "GRAVE OF MARIA LIMIT... RELEASE" "MAGDALA CURTAIN!" A defensive technique that uses the power of Cross's anti-akuma weapon to affect the enemy's mind and obscure his vision with illusions. It's a human corpse - Master uses magic to make that corpse, a woman with a parasite-type innocence, his own. Maria takes orders from master alone." "And then... there's the equipment-type anti-akuma weapon that belongs to master himself." (A GUN. JUDGMENT)

"I've had the brats take their leave. You won't have a problem with it... right?"

[KICKS THE SHIT OUT OF TICKY] "Amen." o Cross. kyaaa

"Was it wisest to take away the track of the bullet? But I wonder... My bullet can't be stopped until it has entered its target."

"is it time?" "we won't make it unless we hurry."

(SEES EARL, SMILES) "This again..."
"Good evening <3" "Yo. Like always, a flashy entrance." "It's been so many years now, hasn't it? <3" "Has it now? Sorry, but I don't keep a record of every time I meet ya, Fatso." "Well! <3 When you say it like that, it sounds like we see each other all the time! <3 But you just love to play hide-and-seek, Cross-cha~n! <3 That woman of yours is rather good at hiding you from view, after all, is she not? I suppose you hide from your debt collectors in the same way? <3" "HA HA [SHOOTS]"
"I don't feel like hanging around and listening to your babbling. If that's all you're here for, go away." "Go away? My my! You're the one trespassing on my Ark! <3" "You've thrown it out already. This Ark no longer has the "wings" to leave Edo... that power was stolen from it. The "fourteenth"... it's been like that ever since the day the man who betrayed the Noah placed a curse upon it..." ".... I see... so, it was you... <3" "That man passed his role on to the fourteenth. the musician." / "Why did you come here? If you wanted to steal this Ark, then you're a little late! <3 I'm afraid the heart of this Ark has already been transferred to the new model. Without the heart, the boat becomes inoperable, and even the "musician" is powerless to control it! <3 How foolish you are, Cross! <3 In the end, this ark will be nothing more than a grave, sucking up the blood of those Exorcists <3" CROSS IS NOT PLEASED

"Stop it. Has all the blood gone to your head from losing your nakama? Idiot apprentice..." "Release me from Maria's power, please, master! The earl, I must--!" "You're climbing up here whether you want to or not. Don't try to fight the Earl with hatred."

Saved them because he needs help with a mission. here to destroy akuma plant. "Take us to the plant, Tim."

Tells Allen to stop the download of the egg in the Ark \o/


"Are your voices coming from the same place?... MASTER WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP TOUCHING RINALI" "Hey how much floorspace do you think we're working with here" "(MAN THIS IS GREAT)"

"But hey, now that we've managed this (we won). The master and student stand victorious, Allen... ha ha hah!" (SILENCE) "(Ignoring me, huh...)"

"I know what it is you want to say. Stop making that face at me."

"You've gotten better at letting your emotions out than you used to be, Rinali... and damn attractive to boot." / "You're almost like a phantom, aren't you, general... how long have you actually been here?" "Back when you guys were fighting down below. I was around too, using Maria's ability to conceal myself. Back when you all got swallowed up by the ark." "But man - if you were going to turn out this lovely, you should have done it sooner. That hair of yours was beautiful." "Anita-san... told me exactly the same thing." "! ...is that so... I told her not to follow me whatever happened, that idiot... the good women are always a little too feisty for their own good..." BAWW

"THAT'S A CRIME, MASTER!!" "No, allen-kun, you've got it all wrong--" "What's that, idiot apprentice? She's 16 years old, she's a fine woman now!"

DEFEATED BY RINALI "Please don't go anywhere!!" "(She's so cute I can't refuse...)" "(I don't want to have to hunt for him again [CLING])" "(So this is why Rinali was on the team to hunt down Cross...)"

"I've been waiting an awfully long time to be able to ask you a few things... General Cross Marian." "Hey." (FEET ON TABLE)

"General Cross Marian. Four years ago, directly after being notified of your mission to destroy the akuma plant, you cut off communication with black order headquarters... from that time up until the present, you've completely abandoned your duty to report on your activities, and most currently, in the Edo district of japan, unit cross and unit Theodore infiltrated the ark during battle. afterward, Lenalee Lee, who has been identified by the enemy as possible possessor of the heart, four other exorcists, and one youth judged to be a compatible battled separately with noahs in the collapsing ark. The general searched for the plant, and after discovering its whereabouts, joined the exorcists in battle. He directed one exorcist on the scene, his apprentice Allen Walker, to take control of the ark, and managed to avoid its destruction. In doing so he captured both the plant and the ark. Then, using the ark as he pleased, he left japan and returned for the first time in four years to headquarters. That is all."

[ROSES] "Since it was a dangerous mission where I had to slip right into the belly of the enemy, and I didn't know where the earl's long arm might be lurking, I was doing my best to be vigilant. Though I was a little nervous myself when he started targeting Generals to hunt for the heart..." "AND YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THOSE EXCUSES BECAUSE YOUR MISSION SUCCEEDED. NORMALLY YOUR PUNISHMENT WOULD BE MOST SEVERE." lolol

We're not here to protect our disciples. we're here to win a war. / This black order is an organization that was established in the name of a powerful religion. The proud army of the pope, proclaiming salvation to the world. What's important to them... is to win this "holy war." They don't think of their disciples, the exorcists, as anything more than human sacrifices granted to them by god. the only thing they'll protect is their religion. there's nothing we in the order can do but obey. those who oppose them are entombed as heretics. (That's why Komui is there :( kyaaa Komui kyaa)

"The Ark is an unknown vessel belonging to the earl. So why would Allen Walker be able to manipulate it, hmm, general marian?" He's asleep. "HEY"
"Well, it was the eleventh hour and all... if a man's desperate enough, he can do anything." / "You took allen walker as your apprentice directly after receiving the plant destruction mission, correct? You sent him into the order knowing his true colors, did you not? was that perhaps the will of the fourteenth? Allen walker is the requirement for the player that number 14 left behind, isn't he?" (DUN DUN DUN)

"Did you really think we gave you the plant mission knowing nothing at all?" "You sent me there on purpose?" "The fact that you've made no denial means that you're admitting your involvement with number 14, yes? Now then. I will have you answer me." "I'm certainly surprised to hear 'number 14' coming out of your mouths... who'd you ask to find out so much?" "I'm the one asking the questions here." O CROSS IS NOT HAPPY

"Investigate as much as you like, inspector rouvelier. What to do with the kid... you can decide afterwards." "General Marian, for the present you will stay inside headquarters, and you will be assigned a management position from the central office. You are expressly forbidden to communicate with allen walker. He will be put under surveillance and monitored 24 hours a day."

The 14th - noah that was erased from the noah clan. The noah family we knew only had 13 members, but a 14th was born.

"WHAT'S UP WITH THIS WINE?" "like is aid... the inspector said you've been spending too much money..." "Such a simpleton! You guys are getting on my nerves! Go buy white romaine contie boquets!" "General, that's too expensive... even with our money, that's a bit..."
"Why am I drinking wine with you?" "Because I love drinking wine with women. It's been 4 years, right? You're still a nice woman, Cloud!" "As always, you're flirtatious. . ."
[ALLEN DROPS PAPERS ON HIM" "Idiotic boy, what are you doing?" "THAT'S MY LINE." "What? You don't like it?" "AND HERE I THOUGHT THAT I'VE FINALLY FOUND YOU BUT YOU'RE HERE DRINKING.." "Yes yes.. it's about the score, right?" [ALLEN IS REMOVED]

"After the 14th died, it seems there isa person whom he had given his will to. This statement is not unfounded, general marian is proof of that. he took allen walker in immediately after (mana) died, right?"

Cross is under house arrest and they're placing him under suspicion together with his student 8|

"Besides, there's nothing in the world that could really get me down after master's debts!"

"Was that a shot at me?" "Let's end this, Judgment" "You stupid?"
"Judgment loaded. Arrow of original sin!" "Judgment: Purging level/ let's make it threefold."

"Who do you think we are?" (HAHA BITCHES)

"You're a terrible master... shooting full blast like that even though you knew he was coming." "Eh? I didn't hit him though, did I? Hell, we're both criticals now."
"... despicable... " "Hey, I trusted you to make it through... idiot apprentice."

"Ngh.. .screamin' it's head off like that..." "On.. gataru!" (HOLY CRAP USES MARIA TO CONTROL HIS BODY, the tech is called "Carte Garde")

"This little beer-belly punk... is gonna make a lovely little sample for testing." "The evacuation is off... Komui." "General Cross?! Is it really--" "Do I look like someone else?"

"YOU FOOLS! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH TO DESTROY ME" [LANDS ON ALLEN'S SWORD] "Nah... it's time for you to be destroyed." "You want me to tell you why?... Did you only see the one shot?"

"Where was I? Ah, yes... the reason. Let's overlook everything you did to the members of the order... I'm not that cruel a man, after all. But then... you went and messed up my clothes." (SOB)

"WE WILL BE THE VICTORS--" "atchoo![FIRE]" "Oops. I was supposed to keep him as a sample." (lol Cross you Exorcist you ♥)

"Another meeting, eh? what a pain in the ass..." "The earl's not gonna wait. problem after problem keeps piling up." "I guess this is no time for in-fighting. We'd better work together, eh, inspector?" "I'll tell you about the 14th and the players. And in return, you let me speak with Allen."

"Oh, you came too, eh, Tim?" "Please be careful there, general cross." "What are you, my mother?" (HIS HAIR IS BRUSHED man that's weird)

"Are you sure you'll be okay? At any other time, I'd go with you." "I'm just going to talk. It's not like you to be worried about me, Komui." "I'm not worried about you! I'm worried you might disappear on the way!" "Hahaha!" (HAS HOSHINO BEEN READING DOUJIN OF THESE TWO)
"See ya." "Tim says he doesn't want to go. I'll leave it to you to get my things in order."

Allen: "I have good night vision thanks to our thrifty lifestyle during my training."

Allen: "That's a lie, isn't it? It's true I know the song to move the ark, but the part about you guys being able to play it if you know the song is a lie my master told you to tell me... right?" "what makes you think that?" "He's always done things to test me."

Allen: "Don't worry, no matter how others may doubt me, I will follow my orders if my duty as an exorcist requires me to become the "player." you wanted me to say that didn't you? And I want you to tell my master... [THUMBS DOWN]"


(KNEW MANA AND THE 14TH WERE BROTHERS) "You - knew about this all along?..." "I did. When the 14th died, I promised him I'd watch over Mana. If I did, he'd come back to mana someday. You promised me that, Allen. Or should I say the 14th?"

"He probably hasn't fully awakened, but you've started feeling the 14th within you, haven't you, allen? Don't play dumb. you knew the player's song. That's his memories. You had the 14ths "memories" implanted in you. You're the host necessary for his revival." "The reason you knew the player's song, and were able to play the piano though you never had before, is because it wasn't "you." Those were the 14ths "memories." You saw something then, didn't you?" [IS FROZEN] [CROSS BITCHSLAPS HIM] "The conversation won't get anywhere if you just lie there." "THAT HURT"

"When??" "Huh? Oh... sorry, I have no idea." "HUH?!" "Oh wait, I think I know. Probably before the 14th died." "I DON'T KNOW WHEN THAT WAS!!" "What? I said I was sorry. GET OVER IT!"

SOB THIS CHAPTER Cross loev Allen :(

"He's gotten so cheeky. I guess it hasn't been all bad for him here..."


"Hey, Allen. I've never asked you before, but do you like Tim? I said I was leaving him in your care... but I'd always meant to give him to you.

I've told Tim he can do as he likes from now on. You may not want to listen to me, knowing that I'm carrying on the Fourteenth's will... but in case you're thinking you're being made to walk a path that me and the fourteenth chose for you... I just wanted to tell you you're wrong. A path is something you create as you walk it. The ground you've trodden hardens, and that's what forms your path. You're the only one who can create your own path. So stop wearing that mask of 'Mana.' Walk, on your own. If you haven't given up, that is."

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*goes reread chapter 167 sob*

Right icon this time.

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AND THEN AND THEN you do the head-hug thing, and then Allen calls you stupid and then beans you with Timcanpy --

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Don't go An Hero on everyone plz.

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OHO I should do this with my notes on The Earl and. everything.


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